vikings comic con 2014

We received our first look into the third season of History Channel’s Vikings. From the look of it we are in for a lot of action, war, death and the rumour of one of the leading roles being killed off!

Katheryn Winnick aka Lagertha joined a full panel of cast members  for Vikings during the 2014 Comic-Con. The cast members that attended included Alexander Ludwig, Travis Fimmel, and Clive Standen to premiere the third season teaser trailer. Watch the trailer below!

Aside from the above video, we also learned that someone on the cast, someone who wasn’t on the panel, had just been killed off on the show. Someone beloved. And that they filmed this person’s final scene right before the panelists all flew out to San Diego for Comic-Con. Standen mentioned there were a lot of tears on their final day, as well as a lot of supportive farewell cheers.

So who will it be? Aslaug? Floki? Athelstan? All the Lothbroks were at Comic Con, so we can assume their’re safe?

IGN reports that Julian Hobbs, VP of scripted and nonfiction development and programming at History, said “There are a lot of surprises ahead in the next season,” going on to mention how the historical Raid of Paris will play a big part. “The Raid is a real transformative moment for the series,” he continued. “We’ve essentially been in the Dark Ages in terms of tone and feel. Paris is highly modern city. Technologically it’s highly advanced. It would be like trying to sack Manhattan today.”

We have some fresh blood,” Hirst said. “We have the Frankish Emperor, who’s the grandson of Charlemagne, and his daughter. The Paris episodes and these new characters – these episodes will come about at the end of Season 3 and then take us into Season 4. These characters are very very important and the storyline is very big.”

These weren’t exactly ‘French people,'” Hirst added. “These are Frankish people. The court the Franks at the time had a very Eastern look to it. The bottom line is that it’s as real as we can get it. And that these people did what we’re portraying them doing.”

Furthermore, according to Hirst, “Season 3 really marks a huge upgrading of Viking ambition and abilities. This is the dawn of the Viking Age”

This sounds pretty cool, and Vikings seems to be stepping this up a notch, just the way we like it! Check-out the cast interview: