It has been over 9 years of avoiding videotapes and double checking TV sets for any water leakage, while the production of “The Ring 3” is making progress in the quiet.  That’s right geeks, the likes of Samara and her creepy videotape is not done yet with unsuspecting victims breaking out the popcorn and cola to watch the last video clip of their lives. The long-gestating project has been in the works for the last four years, and now it seems that the cult horror franchise is making progress with the addition of director F. Javier Gutierrez.

Samara closeup pics are still creepy as hell!

Samara closeup pics are still creepy as hell!

Details on the third installment are still scarce, but for now we might be in for a 3D threequel according to Paramount’s plans announced back in 2010. Seeing Samara climbing out of a television in 3D might just be the thing of true nightmares! Come to think of it, we will probably see a DVD-R played on a Blu-ray player while she comes crawling out of a Samsung curved in full HD. Things have really stepped up since the last time Samara graced the silver screen

I'm coming for you!

I’m coming for you!

Horror geeks might agree that the first installment is quite possibly the best example of a remake done right, also keeping in mind that the “The Ring” started the entire Asian horror phenomena in the West.  The 2002 horror film is a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film “Ring”, which itself was based on the novel “Ring” by Kôji Suzuki. The first U.S. version went on to gross $249 million at the worldwide box office, and the sequel grossed a respectable $160 million worldwide.

Gutierrez is best known for helming  sci-fi thriller “Tres Dias” (“Before the Fall”), but he is currently in the spotlight for taking on the directorial duties of “The Crow” remake. Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, the producers of the first two films, are back as producers for third installment. Naomi Watts rose to fame in the first two installments as Rachel Keller, the mother of a boy Samara was haunting.  It’s unclear if she will be reprising her role.