Just incase you forgot how big game DOTA really is, a whopping $10 million will be handed out at this years DOTA 2 International tournament sponsored by Valve. This is huge and makes this officially the biggest and most rewarding gaming event ever. The massive prize money is all made possible due to crowd-funding. Anyone who buys a Dota 2 Compendium from Valve contributes $2.50 to the prize pool. There are also a whole bunch of stretch goals that open up new features in Dota 2, all of which have already been unlocked, because damn, $10 million.

The Prize Money

The pool keeps growing as the tournament continues, currently it is standing on $10 812 236. The prize pool will broken up as follows

  • First Place – $4,973,629
  • Second Place – $1,459,652
  • Third Place – $1,027,162
  • Fourth Place – $810,918
  • 5/6th Place – $648,734
  • 7/8th Place – $513,581
  • 9/10th Place – $48,655
  • 11/12th Place – $37,843
  • 13/14th Place – $21,624

The Schedule

The tournament is already in the finals stage, with early playoffs and qualifier tournaments now officially over. This brings all the remaining teams to the grand finals held from the 18-21 of July at the Key Arena in Seattle. The schedule and teams for the games are as follows:




  • Friday18 – Main Event: Upper Bracket
  • Saturday 19 – Main Event: Lower Bracket
  • Sunday 20 – All-Star Match, The Main Event: Lower Bracket – MONDAY 21 brings you the Main Event: Grand Finals with Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences. All broadcasts start at 9am PDT, All games are viewable live in-game and at You can stay in touch with the winners and losers of the tournament via the official Dota2 website.

We’ll go into more details on the teams, and favourites as the tournament progresses. For now stay tuned to for all the news. Lastly, check-out the epic video that promotes the tournament:

[Source: Valve International DOTA 2 Tournament – 10 Million Dollar Prize]