Smartphone Apps are taking over, and while only a few years ago few of us even had a smartphone, these days we all have a list of favourite apps we either use the most, or are addicted to. We’ve listed 5 smartphone apps we are addicted to. This is a combination of apps and games that we simply cannot stop using or playing. WE decided not to list the obvious apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Maps apps and WhatsApp.

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Hero Cloak

The only game we’ve been playing for over a year now. Clash of Clans has been on the top iTunes games list for over a year now. Are you addicted? We sure are. Resist the temptation of spending all your money on the in-game purchases. Have a look at all our Clash of Clans posts here where go through tutorials, videos and the Best 5 players ladder.

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2. HearthStone

Curse of Naxx HearthStone

The free-to-play blizzard game that redefined tablet gaming. We’re huge fans of HearthStone, and although this game can get very frustrating it keeps you playing again and again. Checkout all our archives here, as well as all the info on the new expansion coming soon, called ‘The Curse of Naxxramas‘.

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3. Candy Crush Saga


We finally gave in and started playing this ridiculous yet addictive game. Candy Crush together with Clash of Clans have been dominating the iTunes top earning games for a long time now. You have to give this game a go, even if just for the sake of being able to say ‘I played it’.

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4. Soundhound


Strong competition for the Shazam app. Music discovery and tagging has never been easier. The best part is this app simply works. Tap listen on the app while the song you want to identify is playing and boom, there you have the artist and song name. It also gives you lyrics for songs you are playing on your device. Pretty cool.

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5. Google Search App


The Google App has transformed over the last few months from an app that does searches and links to all your other Google Apps like Gmail and Maps to an App that gives you customized notifications as per your daily schedule. It gives you weather, traffic, travelling suggestions, and news alerts.

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