Battlestar Galactica stands out as one of the best Sci-Fi series ever made. We particularly loved the 2004 series, for obvious reasons as you will see below…

If you call yourself a geek then you can measure your geekness by your knowledge of Battlestar Galactica. For today though we decided to give homage to the lovely ladies that graced the TV-screen for so many seasons. They were the “Battlestar Babes”. Most of them were particularly sexy in a Maxim Magazine shoot done while the series was airing. We’ve taken the liberty of bringing these images back to live and grace the screens of Geek sites again.

We’ve listed our Sexiest Battlestar Galactica Babes. But first, here’s a nice little intro to our list starting with the Maxim Shoot video titled “Battlestar Babes”.

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1. Katee Sackhoff a.k.a. Kara Thrace (Starbuck)


Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck

Katee Sackhoff plays Starbuck, a pilot that can not only kick your ass but also drink you out under the table. She’s a bad girl fighting on the side of good. She’s a total mess, likes it rough and is, in short, dangerous to be around. Add her sex appeal to all of this and you have one awesome geek obsession. Remember the episode of Big Bang Theory she played in? We also listed Katee as one of our 15 hottest woman in sci-fi.

It gets even better, both Katee and Tricia Helfer (Our next entry on the list) are part of a non-profit organization called ‘acting outlaws’. They made this sexy 2013 and 2014 calendar for the charity. You can buy the calendar here (order yours, it’s for charity!). Here’s a few images from the calendar:

acting outlaws calendar

acting outlaws calendar 1




===> Update: Here’s the full 2013 and 2015 Acting Outlaws Photoshoot with Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff


2.Tricia Helfer a.k.a. Number 6

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Played by the sexy Tricia Helfer, any sci-fi chick list is not complete without her on it. Number 6′s multiple versions on the cult show Battlestar Galactica is what carries much of the appeal. A total bad girl. A sexy seductress. An intimate confidante. An icy brain box. A super strong warrior. A sensitive would-be mother. Balthar is one lucky guy. She is painfully hot. Was it even legal to show this character on TV back then? We also have tricia listed as one of our 15 hottest woman in sci-fi but also as one of our 10 sexiest female aliens.

We’ve already seen her in the calendar above. She also did the hot Maxi shoot with our next entry on the list, Grace Park:

grace tricia battlestar maxim

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3. Grace Park a.k.a. “Boomer”

Grace Park plays the role of Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii. Without giving away one of the major spoilers of the show, we will leave it at that. She plays a very innocent role in the show, up to a point. But have a look at some of these images and you will see that she is truly one of the sexiest woman alive.

grace park Maxim5

grace park maxim

grace park Maxim4

We saw much less of the rest of the female cast of Battlestar Galactica, but there were plenty to choose from. Apart from the above three permanent roles, we also had the following beauties to enjoy:


4. Lucy LAwless as D’Anna-Biers

Lucy-Lawless-DAnna-Biers-Cylon-babe.jpg.pagespeed.ce.zAWjfPkW68 lucy-lawless-romanian-news-blog

Lucy Lawless 1 Lucy Lawless Wallpapers 3


5. Michelle Forbes as Admiral Helena Cain


6. Alisen Down as Jean-Barolay 


7. Rekha Sharma as Tory Foster


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