If you are one of those Comic book geeks unwilling to wait, and interested to catch a glimpse at what DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. has in store for the near future, be sure not to miss this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. The studios revealed plans to treat fans with exclusive footage for their upcoming comic book adapted TV shows. “Gotham“, “The Flash“, “Constantine” and “Arrow” will be promoted in a three-hour presentation on Saturday, July 26.

"Gotham", "The Flash", "Constantine" and "Arrow"

“Gotham”, “The Flash”, “Constantine” and “Arrow”

The following is planned for the upcoming event to take place at Hall:

  • FOX’s “Gotham” –  First episode will be premiered, followed by Q&A with the cast and crew
  • CW’s “The Flash” – Premiere screening, after which the “cast and producers will stop running long enough to take the stage.”
  • NBC’s “Constantine” – Footage from the upcoming series, after which the cast and creative team will answer questions.
  • CW’s “Arrow” – Teaser footage from the upcoming episodes, along with the expected cast and producers taking fan inquiries.

Comic-Con International will take place from July 23-27 at the San Diego Convention Center. Last year was an absolute blast with DC and Marvel pulling out all the stops to wow fans for upcoming productions. DC’s slate for anticipated TV adaptations is reason enough to check out the event, any geeks out there planning to head out to San Diego for this year’s festivities?

Source: dccomics.com