Earlier this year Metallica released a new track by the name of ‘Lords of Summer’. The song was initially released as a “Garage Demo” track, but now the band has released what they’ve dubbed a “First Pass Version” of the track. You can listen to the re-worked track below. We we’re waiting for the proper production version of this track. It is a great tribute to their earlier days where tracks we’re on average 6 minutes long, and we we’re treated to long instrumentals and over the top guitar solo’s and ‘never-say-die’  drum beats.

You can pick up “Lords of Summer (First Pass Version)” over at iTunes right now. Drummer Lars Ulrich recently talked to Metal Hammer about Metallica’s new song, saying; “It’s fun to play and it seems like the kids are enjoying it. There was actually somebody in the Snake Pit the other day with a homemade ‘Lords Of Summer’ t-shirt on, which was very endearing. That was cool. ‘Lords of Summer’ is about being outdoors and festivals and here we are again. Hopefully it’s not raining. Who knows, by the time the next record comes out whether it will be in its same shape or format, but I think it’s going down well.”

No word yet on any type of release date for Metallica’s new album, but given the progress that’s being made hopefully fans will be able to hear it sooner rather than later. To keep up with the latest Metallica news be sure to like the band on Facebook and follow them onTwitter.