The first full trailer for war drama “Fury” starring Brad Pitt’s has been released. The story follows a five-man crew of an American tank named Fury that runs across a German division in 1945. David Ayer is at the helm of the project, while QED will produce with John Lesher. Ayer said his goal is to “bring a fresh execution to the genre. What these men went through is worthy of a complex, honest portrayal. This will have incredible, visceral action and complex rich characters. I plan to bring tank combat to life in a way that lands with a modern audience.” The anticipated war drama also stars Shia LaBeouf, John Bernthal, Logan Lerman and Kevin Vance.

“Fury” is set to be released on November 14, 2014.

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“In April 1945, as Nazi Germany collapses, the five-man crew of an American tank, led by battle tested “Wardaddy,” prepares for their deadliest mission into Nazi territory. After losing a member of their crew, a young private who has never seen the frontline is transferred into their ranks. They are assigned to cover the flank of the primary forces moving toward Berlin, but find themselves facing the brunt of the battle. Faced with constant enemy fire and no reinforcements, the crew of the American tank must charge forth to complete their mission.”