Jared Leto is known to be very selective in his movie career and he might be leaning towards directing next according to recent reports. It seems for now, he might still be in front of the cameras for the adaptation of Marcus Sakey novel, “Brilliance”. The singer/actor recently made headlines for his award-winning portrayal in “Dallas Buyers Club” which was greeted with critical acclaim. As Rayon, Jared Leto plays a transgender woman and AIDS patient who forms an unlikely friendship with a homophobic straight man. Leto received his first Academy Award nomination and won the Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance. Leto might be ready for his first leading role after his major Oscar breakthrough with reports suggesting that he is in early talks to star in the Julius Onah’s directed “Brilliance,” with Noomi Rapace (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) set to play the female lead.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Summary Courtesy of Deadline:

“Brilliance focuses on a world where a rare set of people are born with extraordinary abilities and are called “brilliants.” At the center of the story is a federal agent with great hunting gifts who is drafted to track down a terrorist, another such brilliant who intends to start a civil war.”

If the negotiations are successful, Leto will play the role of the federal agent with a gift for tracking down bad guys. Noomi Rapace will take on the role as “a tattooed and pierced brilliant that is identified as a terrorist by the government.” Will Smith was previously attached as the star, but decided to exit the movie and join the football concussions project developed by Ridley Scott and Giannina Facio.

* Update: Jared Leto Not In ‘Brilliance’ – courtesy of nikkifinke.com