Dracula Untold Poster

Will we ever get enough of Dracula, the most famous Vampire of them all? We’ve had countless movies and series and it seems like Hollywood is not done yet. The latest tale that slipped under our radar will be the origin story of Vlad the impaler, starring Luke Evans. Luke will also be starring as Eric Draven in the remake of The Crow.

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Universal Pictures has released the first poster for Dracula Untold, and it will focus on the events leading up to Vlad’s legendary vampire transformation. According to the report the story also contains some actual history.

The movie, previously titled Dracula: Year Zero, is being directed by Gary Shore (The Draft) and also stars Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger). It will be released on October 17th.

We’re not expecting anything spectacular at the moment. With low expectations we can only be impressed.

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