In a recent interview with SlashFilm, “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow responded to an article by JoBlo leaking a whole bunch of details which included a spoiler or two. There was a whole mesh of dinosaur geeks not too impressed with some of the plans in motion for the forthcoming pic. Trevorrow, not impressed with the leaked info and fan reactions addressed some of the concerns.

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"Jurassic World" poster courtesy of

“Jurassic World” poster courtesy of

Trevorrow told  SlashFilm:

“Last week was discouraging for everyone on our crew – not because we want to hide things from the fans, but because we’re working so hard to create something full of surprises,”

Addressing the rumors that ”Jurassic World” will be set on Isla Nublar 22 years after “Jurassic Park”:

“Yes. Jurassic World takes place in a fully functional park on Isla Nublar. It sees more than 20,000 visitors every day. You arrive by ferry from Costa Rica. It has elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park,”

"Jurassic World" image

“Jurassic World” image

He added,

“There is a luxury resort with hotels, restaurants, nightlife and a golf course. And there are dinosaurs. Real ones. You can get closer to them than you ever imagined possible. It’s the realization of John Hammond’s dream, and I think you’ll want to go there.”

Genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs are also set to cause destruction as rumored, Trevorrow said:

“Yes, there will be one new dinosaur created by the park’s geneticists.” He added, “I know the idea of a modified dinosaur put a lot of fans on red alert, and I understand it. But we aren’t doing anything here that Crichton didn’t suggest in his novels. This animal is not a mutant freak. It’s a dinosaur, created in the same way the others were, but now the genetics have gone to the next level.”

The fifth installment needs a bit of bite (no pun intended) considering that what Trevorrow is proposing is not exactly groundbreaking. The modified hybrids might add the required spice to step things up a bit from the usual pissed off dinosaurs routine breaking loose from cages and destroying everything. Any geeks out there excited about this one?