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We mentioned last week that CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” will be drawing to a close with the upcoming 12th season. Show creator, Chuck Lorre, “will be creating a season-long event to send it off,” which might include the legendary Charlie Sheen. According to the network’s chief, Nina Tassler, she “would like to see whatever Chuck would like to” include Sheen in the big send off. The guys over at TMZ caught up with Charlie Sheen and asked him whether or not he’d be open to returning for the finale. He seems keen to return to “Two and a Half Men” to help send off the show.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

The former star of the show says:

“I hope they invite me into the final episode.”

Despite the fact that his character was killed off of the series, Sheen’s return for the finale would be awesome and considered a proper send off since the show nose-dived after he left. We managed to compare stats with a nifty little tool over at “Graph TV,” a site that indexes the IMDB ratings of TV shows. It should come as no surprise that fans were more interested to watch the show when bad boy Sheen was still around. Check out the results pointing out the ratings drop since Sheen left. Any fans out there sad to see the show drawing to a close?