Tim Blake Nelson is in talks to take on a role as one of the villains in the upcoming Marvel pic according to recent reports. If negations are successful, Nelson will play Harvey Elder, “an eccentric and socially awkward scientist.” “Elder is actually the Mole Man, shunned by humanity and leader of a subterranean group of monsters known as the Moloids.” The Mole Man is set to make an appearance in the second installment of Fox’s “The Fantastic Four”reboot. The 49-year-old actor is well-known for characters he portrayed through the years, including Delmar O’Donnell in “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, warden Gideon in “Minority Report” and “Dr” Pendanski in “Holes”.

* Breaking newsEmpireonline.com says Tim Blake Nelson is confirmed!

Tim Blake Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson

The first installment will provide the platform to formally introduce Elder before the menacing villain takes on the ‘The Fantastic Four’ in the sequel. “Fantastic Four” writer Simon Kinberg revealed in a recent interview that we can expect a ”coming of age story” with a more realistic tone compared to the predecessors. Michael B. Jordan will take on the role as The Human Torch, Miles Teller as Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. Kate Mara is tapped to play his on-screen sister Sue Storm a.k.a The Invincible Woman and Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm a.k.a The Thing. The Josh Trank directed ‘Fantastic Four’ flick is set to be released on June 19, 2015, followed by a sequel on July 14, 2017.

Nelson was last seen in a Marvel movie portraying Samuel Sterns AKA The Leader in “The Incredible Hulk.“

Source: hollywoodreporter.com


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