WWE fans are saddened by the shocking news that the The Ultimate Warrior died last week only a few days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The former pro wrestler passed away due to atherosclerotic/arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease at the age of 54. A representative for Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the cause of death on Monday, April 14. Warrior was walking with his wife to the car outside an Arizona hotel when he suddenly clutched his chest. The wrestler was taken to a hospital where he later was pronounced dead.

RIP James Brian Hellwig a.k.a The Ultimate Warrior

RIP James Brian Hellwig a.k.a The Ultimate Warrior

Last week, wrestling commentator Nancy Grace hosted a segment on the Ultimate Warrior Jim Hellwig’s potential cause of death. In it, she questioned former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page on the industry’s use of steroids.

“Tonight, claims of drug use and steroids swirling, he’s admitted that he used drugs,” she began.

“Yeah back in the day, we all used them back in the day. When I mean we all… Certain guys wanted a certain edge, and I tell ya, I tried it back when I was a kid too,” DDP replied.

“And it’s something that once that’s in your body I guess you’re gonna have some ramifications from that, without question.

“But Jim Hellwig he was a passionate individual towards working out, big time. And if you look at him today he was nowhere near as big as he was back then.”

Source: independent.co.uk