We have new material from Metallica! The thrash metal pioneers have been nice enough to upload a “garage demo” quality track of their latest song “Lords of Summer”, which was released just a few days ago. It is great to hear some new material from the guys, and from the demo track below, we are nodding in appreciation for an awesome track, taking us back to the days of Master of Puppets.

The song is a full 8 minutes long, and will probably feel too long for most Metal-heads out there. But few remember that in the earlier days of Metal, such as the popular album ‘Master of Puppets’ the average song was about 6 minutes long. Hence we love it. With proper production this will be one awesome track. If this song is anything to go by, then this album is a definite step back to their origins, and away from their latest clunky short driven songs.

We would have added this album to our 10 rock/metal albums we look forward to most in 2014, but this album is due for release beginning of 2015. Patience my fellow metal-heads… patience.