Horror geeks can prepare themselves for another horror reboot. The latest horror franchise in a streak of reboots to make its way back is “The Grudge”, a remake of the Japanese film “Ju-on: The Grudge.” Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe are working on a project to remake the horror story with the script being drafted by Jeff Buhler (“The Midnight Meat Train”). Legendary horror master Sam Raimi will return to his post as producer, he was hired to produce the first three original films. Raimi will be joined by producers Rob Tapert (who assisted him in the first two pics) and Taka Ichise.

2004's "The Grudge" raked in over $187,2 million worldwide

2004’s “The Grudge” raked in over $187,2 million worldwide

The flick about evil supernatural forces performed extremely well at the box office back in 2004. Made on a shoestring budget of $10 million, the pic garnered over $187,2 million worldwide. A sequel was released two years later, raking in $70,7 million, and the third installment went straight to DVD. Critics and horror fans didn’t seem to agree with the hype, check out the ratings for the flicks (courtesy of Rottentomatoes.com.)

Film Critics Users
The Grudge 39% (155 reviews) 47% (456 967)
The Grudge 2 10% (71 reviews) 41% (252 830)
The Grudge 3 N/A (1 review) 28% (67 541)

I think a reboot is an excellent idea, do you geeks agree?


Check out the trailer for the 2004 American version starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Source: deadline.com