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Content courtesy of craveonline.com: The South by Southwest Film Festival featured a screening of the classic Gojira on 35mm, celebrating the film’s 60th anniversary and anticipating this summer’s new Godzilla movie. After the film, Godzilla director Gareth Edwards greeted the audience with a clip of his new film. He shared that he put a rush on Alexandre Desplat’s score for the scene, to avoid expensive licensing issues with temp music. The scene featured Godzilla emerging from the ocean onto the beach and into the city, and all the havoc he causes. It also included a surprise of Godzilla facing another monster. The morning after the Gojira screening and Godzilla preview, CraveOnline spoke with Edwards before he flew back to finish post-production.

When asked if the monster in scene is a new original creature, the helmer said:

“Yeah, yeah, that’s unique to the film.”

A name for the creature so we can identify it?

“We call it MUTO. I’m not sure it’s out yet what that stands for.”

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Image courtesy of variety.com

Image courtesy of variety.com

Check out the full interview courtesy of Fred Topel from CraveOnline:

Image courtesy of Empire Magazine

Image courtesy of Empire Magazine

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