Batman Arkham Knight - Coming October 14

Batman Arkham Knight – Coming October 14

Warner Bros. has officially unveiled the next chapter in the Arkham game series today, with Batman: Arkham Knight confirmed for the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 for release sometime in 2014. Our first glimpse at the latest adventure of the Dark Knight came in the form of a trailer, and while it didn’t feature gameplay, the trailer still contained a few tantalising hints about what we can expect.

The most exciting part of the trailer was the ability that you, Bruce Wayne will be able to drive your Batmobile through the streets of Gotham! the batmobile will be a core-element of gameplay.

Here’s a recap of where Batman: Arkham City left us…

“The ending of Arkham City left the criminal landscape of Gotham in a fascinating place. The Joker is seemingly out of the picture, but Harley Quinn is still out there, and as a discarded pregnancy test in Arkham City indicates, the Joker’s legacy might literally be living on. In the vacuum left by the Joker’s defeat, there would be plenty of opportunities for the city’s remaining villains to capitalize on the situation, and indeed, the trailer paints a picture of a city at war, its citizens terrorized, its police essentially under siege. The downloadable add-on for Arkham City, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, was disappointing, but did give us a sense that Bruce Wayne is in a dark place psychologically, that his battle with the Joker has left him shaken. I hope that Arkham Knight follows up on this and gives us a Batman who is struggling with his own demons as well as the criminal elements of the city.”

GameStop has already listed Batman: Arkham Knight’s release date as October 14, 2014. October 14 is a Tuesday.

Here’s the trailer: