Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher gave us all a scare when it was announced the he is in a critical condition after he hit his head during a ski accident in the French Alps on December 29. He was in a come when he arrived at the hospital and required two operations to remove haematomas and relieve pressure on his brain that was caused by swelling.  Schumacher was reportedly aware that he was skiing beyond the marked-out zone, but  French investigators have ruled out any criminal wrongdoing in the debilitating ski accident.

*Update: Michael Schumacher is Out of 6 Month Coma

Michael Schumacher  is widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time

Michael Schumacher is widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time

Albertville prosecutor Patrick Quincy, leading the investigation into Michael Schumacher’s life-threatening ski accident has confirmed that the seven-time Formula One world champion has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the case.

Quincy said:

“The investigation into the causes and consequences of the December 29 2013 skiing accident of Michael Schumacher has been closed. No person has been found guilty of any violation.”

He added:

“Signalling, demarcation and information given on the limits of the piste were in line with the French standards.”

Since being place under a medically induced coma for over a month, doctors have started bringing Schumacher out of his coma. It is unclear if Schumacher is in good health due to privacy concerns, but reports confirm that he remains in a stable condition in Grenoble University Hospital. His family has been at his bedside since the horrific accident, with wife Corinna Schumacher speaking regularly to her husband as he continues his recovery.

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Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm also stressed that speed was not a factor in awakening Schumacher, and that decisive news will be released via official statements.

The latest statement reads:

“As often in such situation, no day is like the next,”

“The family is thankful for ones understanding that they would not wish to disclose medical details in order to protect Michael’s privacy.”

“As assured from the beginning we will continue to communicate any decisive new information on Michael’s health state. We are aware that the wake up phase can take a long time.”

“The family continues to strongly believe in Michael’s recovery and place all their trust in the doctors, nurses and nursing auxiliaries team.”

“The important thing is not the speed of the recovery but that Michael’s healing process progresses in a continuous and controlled way.”