Yes please! We may finally get to see Marty McFly’s Nike sneakers become a reality, just in time for the future October 2015 date! Not to be confused with the limited amount of Back to the Future Part II-inspired sneakers that was made in 2011, we now have final word that we will get the complete Nike sneaker with the power laces! We still have until the 21st of October 2015, This was the date in the movie that Michael J. Fox visited, and wore the cult-famous Nike power lace sneaker.


Sign me up for a pair!

The few that were made in 2011 went directly on eBay as part of a charity effort on the part of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Today, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has revealed to Sole Collector (via Gizmodo) that the company is getting ready to take another look at Marty’s shoes and will release functioning power laces next year!

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015?” were Hatfield’s exact words. “To that, I say YES!”

Of course there’s no word yet or how limited a production run Nike might target this time around nor is there any confirmation that the laces will appear on another replica of those specific shoes. That being said, Back to the Future fans may very soon have a chance to own the pair of shoes they’ve been dreaming of for 25 years.

I don’t care how much they cost, I will buy a pair!

Here’s the video releases in 2011 that was a very unfair tease to a show that really didn’t do the trick.