Wanna hang with Ben and Matt? Best buds Ben Affleck and Matt Damon playfully insult each other in a hilarious video. The promotional video for charity will give fans a chance to hang out with the stars by donating $10 which will benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative and Water.org. I wonder if the guys will consider two geeks running a blog called GeekShizzle?

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Damon says:

“you and a friend could win a trip to Los Angeles and stay at a four star hotel and be our very special guest at a very special Hollywood event,”

They continue to sell the fun time fans could have with them…

Affleck adds that, “it’d be like a best friend double date.” Damon explains, “It’ll be like just us, hanging out, taking selfies, talking about how the Sox are gonna do.” Ben continues, “Or, if you have more sophisticated interests, we could talk about 19th century literature or the current state of politics in the Middle East…”

Damon starts with the subtle insults making fun of ben’s questions:

“And if like you don’t want to get really weirded out by having existential questions posed to you by Ben Affleck then maybe we could talk about other fun stuff like stories from the set of ‘The Bourne Identity’ or any of the other hit movies that I’ve been in,”

Hangin' out with Ben and Matt would be an absolute blast!

Hangin’ out with Ben and Matt would be an absolute blast!

Affleck replies:

“Or we could talk about stories from the movie ‘Argo’ which won Best Picture.”

Damon snaps back saying:

“We could talk about ‘Good Will Hunting’. We could talk about who did the bulk of the writing – because I could answer that one,”

Affleck replies:

“Sure, or we could talk about things that are actually true! Like how incredibly short Matt Damon is!”

Check out the full clip!