The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know


We’ve missed Howard Jones. It’s funny how you only miss something/someone once their gone. Luckily the time is approaching when we will once again hear his thunderous screams and be mesmerized by his harmonics as he blasts into alternative halls of metal-valhalla!

Howard Jones left Killswitch Engage back in 2012, making way for the return of the original vocalist Jesse Leach. Killswitch released another album in the meantime called “Disarm and Descent”, here’s our review. As welcome as the return was for Jesse, we missed Howard. When word first reached us that he will be forming a new band called “The Devil you know” we were stoked.

News just in that the band is working on their first video, and we have proof! The video for the track, titled Seven Years Alone, is expected to be released next month, with the band’s debut album – produced by Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, DevilDriver, Gojira) and mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Hatebreed, BLS) – forecast for a Spring 2014 release via Nuclear Blast.

A photo from the video set was posted this past weekend:

Howard Jones'  New Band 'The Devil You Know' Working on First Video

Howard Jones’ New Band ‘The Devil You Know’ Working on First Video