Quentin Tarantino image courtesy of Levonbiss.com

Quentin Tarantino image courtesy of Levonbiss.com

Quentin Tarantino is known for using the same actors again after using them once in one of his movies. He obviously likes to stick to actors he knows or has worked with already. Remarkably he has the ability to redefine the actor completely with the new character in the next movie.

Designer Timor Barshtman put together a clever 100-second clip called “Quentin Tarantino and Friends” that demonstrates the recycling of actors in the director’s films, from Harvey Keitel in “Reservoir Dogs” finding his way in “Pulp Fiction,” to Samuel L. Jackson in “Pulp Fiction” scoring a role in “Jackie Brown” and so forth.

Barshtman says the clip “depicts Tarantino’s ability to transform and reintroduce familiar actors as completely new characters with detailed network of connections through different movies.” Myself, I’d like to think it’s simply an animated chain letter that features caricatures of homicidal maniacs.

If we take this one step further from Django Unchained then can we expect Jamie Foxx or Leonardo DiCaprio in his next film?

We’re all ears for any news regarding Tarantino’s next project. This after his latest western movie got cancelled after the infamous ‘Hateful Eight’ Script Leak War.

Quentin-Tarantino-and-Frie Quentin-Tarantino-and-Frien