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Russian activist Katya Romanovskaya must have really struck a nerve while dishing on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged government failures. I can’t imagine what Romanovskaya must have thought when she dipped her morning biscuit in a warm cup of coffee while noticing an enormous 200 lbs penis strapped to her expensive German vehicle. Romanovskaya is a noted Putin critic, she is one of two people behind Russian satire account @KermlinRussia.

Image courtesy of facebook

Image courtesy of facebook

According to New Republic who first reported the story:

“This is the kind of cockamamie (sorry) prank that reeks (sorry) of Nashi, the pro-Kremlin youth group founded after Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2005. It was the Kremlin’s way to engage the youth in politics by paying and brainwashing them to be their blunt instrument of revenge. These kids, often from poor families, have strange imaginations that center almost always on the scatalogical and the sexual… They manage to pull off these kinds of pranks by having the resources of the state at their disposal.”

Jalopnik reports that cops were too busy laughing and taking pictures of the erected monstrosity instead of investigating and tracking down the vandals. The wooden member was eventually removed from the BMW with a crane, and lugged away into their apartment to figure out what to do with it. Stranger things have happened I suppose, apparently someone has shown interest in the wooden crafted masterpiece. The individual has “a collection of cocks,” Katya’s co-author told the paper, “This will be the pearl.”