When news first came in that Neil Blomkamp will use the controversial South African dance/trance/rap group ‘Die Antwoord’ (The Answer) in his upcoming Sci-Fi movie ‘Chappie’, we were surprised. It would seem that our fears have been confirmed after reports that ‘Die Antwoord’ has made life on set a living hell for other cast members and crew.

Before we go into more detail, here’s our exact words when the bands involvement was first made known:

We at Geekshizzle feel this can turn out for the worst and Neill Blomkamp would have been better off staying far away from Die Antwoord. Anything that includes Die Antwoord is going to be either an extreme waste of time, or controversial. (2013/04/28)

Sources claim that Blomkamp has written ‘Die Antwoord’ out of some scenes just to get rid of them. Ninja, the bands lead vocalist was reported to have sent pics of performing fellatio on himself to some of the female crew members. Ninja also crossed the line by constantly telling other actors how to perform their roles, hitting on female staff, giving Dev Patel marijuana via a space cake without his consent, rounded off with a slew of ridiculous list of daily demands while on set. Ninja is also quoted as having asked crew members to join him in Cape Town to “share a couple of prostitutes.”

Chappie, which stars Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley and Sigourney Weaver will be based on one of Blomkamp’s earlier short films. Chappie is “Basically based on Tetra Vaal.” Blomkamp went on to confirm that the robot used in the short movie is the same character for Chappie. The robot will retain his rabbit ears, which are a distinct homage to the robot character Briareos Hecatonchires from the manga/anime, Appleseed.

Seeing as this is exactly what we all expected, perhaps Neill Blomkamp did so as well? Then these reports may be nothing more than a clever way to increase publicity for the movie.

Most recently Hugh Jackman was seen sporting a new haircut for his role in the movie:

Here’s the video “Baby’s on Fire” by ‘Die Antwoord’:

[Source: ”Die Antwoord’ Makes Chappie Movie Set a Living Hell]