App Annie, considered a serious authority in world-wide mobile statistics released their annual ‘App Annie Index: 2013 Mobile Statistics in Review‘. We love these type of stats and we were drooling over the report the entire morning. They cover just about everything from app growth, mobile revenue, geographical growth using mobile apps, etc.

The report opens up with this introduction:


We highlighted some of the results below, but be sure to check-out the entire report for all the information:

App Annie Index: 2013 Mobile Statistics in Review:

1. Google Play surpassed the Apple iOs in worldwide app downloads. Apple still hold the biggest revenue generating more than two times as much as the Google Play store.

2. Japan became the #1 country in App revenue, surpassing the U.S.

3. Music Apps revenue grew with a massive 77% from 2012.

4. The top 10 Music and App for iOs and Google Play Store based on revenue earned were:


5. Mobile Banking, Payment and Financial Apps rose with 55%

6. Based on Downloads, the top Apps and Games worldwide were:


7. The top Apps and games wordwide based on revenue were:



The world of Mobile is still making massive earnings, and it looks like this is only the beginning. If you have a few dollars laying around we suggest investing in the companies that develop these massively successful Apps and Games.