On the 24th of January Apple released the below video and tribute-site for the Mac in commemoration of its 30th birthday!  Dubbed as “The computer that changed everything“, we can’t believe that it’s been 30 years of innovation. The video and website tribute is an awesome trip down memory lane, and just shows what an amazing journey the Mac had up to now. Apple also makes special mention of all the designers that played a role in giving us the various versions of Mac over the last 3 decades.

The website displayed the following message:

The message reads:

Happy Birthday, Mac.

In 1984, Apple introduced the world to Macintosh.

It was designed to be so easy to use that people could actually use it.

And it came with a promise — that the power of technology taken from a few and put in the hands of everyone, could change the world.

That promise has been kept.

Today, we create, connect, share, and share, and learn in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago.


what we can accomplish in the next 30 years.



Tim Cook also tweeted the following:





Happy Birthday Mac, and thanks Apple for giving us some of the best looking , best performing, most stable working computers ever!