The Boss and Jimmy Fallon teamed up recently to mock the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. The mocking was directed at the gov’s alleged involvement in the closing of access lane to George Washington Bridge last September.

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Fallon and Springsteen can be seen wearing matching “Born in the USA” attire as they take on the “Born to Run” parody on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.

Falon kicks of the song singing:

“In the day we sweated out on the streets stuck in traffic on the GWB/ they shut down the toll booths of glory cuz we didn’t endorse Christie,”

Springsteen joins in:

“Governor, let me in, I want to be your friend, there’ll be no partisan divisions/ let me wrap my legs round your mighty ribs, relieve your stressful condition.”

He continues:

“Man I really gotta take a leak, but I can’t/ I’m stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam.”

“Highway’s jammed with pissed off drivers with no place left to go, and the press conference went on and on,”

Fallon sings his line, before Springsteen chimes in:

“It was longer than one of my own damn shows.”