Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split Volvo ad had the internet buzzing last month. Even Channing Tatum had a piece of the action, recreated the epic split scene on the set of his new movie “22 Jump Street”. Instead of balancing between two moving Volvo trucks, he uses two food carts with the help from the movie’s crew. The latest spoof of the epic Volvo ad is the best yet. Chuck Norris is back in a heavily CGI’d video imitating Van Damme’s split.

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Courtesy of YouTube Chuck is back!

Courtesy of YouTube: Chuck is back!

The 73-year-old actor can be seen recreating the epic split scene between two planes while flying in the air. Taking things up a notch, paratroopers make a triangle formation on the actor’s head while a closing message reads “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” with the paratroopers lighting up just like a Christmas tree.

Check out the clip