If you haven’t placed your Xmas wishlist yet, then here is something you absolutely must place an order for. This is the best Lara Croft collectible statue we’ve seen! Gaming Heads, makers of statues based on Skyrim, Jak and Daxter, and Team Fortress 2, among others, have debuted their latest offering, which is none other than Square Enix’s survivor extraordinaire, Lara Croft.  In this ¼ scale (about 20’ inches tall) statue, Ms. Croft appears ready for anything with bow (or optional shotgun) in hand, though the shotgun is only included with the exclusive edition of the statue. Both versions are based on art by Alejandro Pereira, and both versions are beautiful to the eyes. Tons of detail in the clothing and facial features as well as a pose that is all at once tender yet imposing make this a must have for anyTomb Raider fan.

The statue is part of a limited run of 500, and will run you about $340.00, so make sure to save some Christmas cash for your purchase. Perhaps it’s time to finish all those uncompleted levels in the Game…

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