It was only a matter of time for someone to spoof the recent infamous President Barack Obama’s speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. The incident made headlines earlier this week when a phony sign language interpreter (Thamsanqa Jantjie) talked “gibberish” with his hands while interpreting President Obama’s speech. Jantjie has since blamed it on schizophrenia and hallucinations as a result of his condition, even on the day of the memorial.

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The South African National Deaf Association (Sanda) and Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) said:

“The charlatan has infuriated the deaf community in South Africa and the world,”

‘Saturday Night Live’ spoofed the incident with Kenan Thompson taking on the role as the sign language interpreter. Thompson appeared behind Jay Pharoah (playing president Obama) and communicated his words by mimicking everything that was said. At one point Pharoah spoke of a website, the interpreter pretended to shoot webs like Spider-Man. In another scene we see the interpreter rubbing his nipples when Pharoah said “I’m just relieved the website has been turned on again.”

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Cold Open – Presidential Address – SNL 12-14-13 by IdolxMuzic