“Frozen (2013)” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” are competing neck and neck in their third week since both films have been released in North America. “Frozen (2013)” steals the top spot with an estimated $31.6 million, with “Catching Fire” sliding down to second place with an estimated $27 million.

Disney’s 3D animation adds another $30.6 million, raking in a total of $190.2 million globally. The Jennifer Lawrence starrer grossed $336.7 million domestically and rakes in $673.4 million worldwide, nearly beating the $691.2 million franchise record held by its predecessor last year.

Frozen (2013)

Frozen (2013)

The much anticipated “Out of the Furnace” was the major release for the weekend, disappointing with $5.3 million. The Christian Bale starrer made on a $22 million budget, takes the third spot in its debut weekend.

“Thor: The Dark World” is still kicking butt in fourth place this week with an additional $4.7 million. “Delivery Man” starring Vince Vaughn follows in fifth place with approximately $3.7 million.

Quick look at the top-grossing pictures in North American theaters, courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

  1. “Frozen (2013)” – $31.6 million
  2. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” – $27 million
  3. “Out of the Furnace” – $5.3 million
  4. “Thor: The Dark World” – $4.7 million
  5. “Delivery Man” $3.7 million
  6. “Homefront” – $3.3 million
  7. “The Book Thief” – $2.7 million
  8. “The Best Man Holiday” – $2.6 million
  9. “Philomena” – $2.2 million
  10. “Dallas Buyers Club” – $1.4 million