Danny Trejo is back and teaming up with Danny Glover in a follow-up movie “Bad Asses”. Trejo is reprising his role as Frank Vega, while Glover joins him in the sequel as Bernie Pope. The trailer is action packed with old school action hero tactics, epic explosions and general awesome “B-rated” movie randomness. “Bad Asses” is the follow up to “Bad Ass,” which follows the story of decorated Vietnam hero Frank Vega who finds it difficult to blend in with society, has no job or his high school sweetheart. Years later his bravery is rewarded when he protects an elderly black man from a group of thugs. Thinking that his recent claim to fame is the start to a better life, his friend Klondike is murdered. Vega enforces his own brand of street smarts when the cops fail to assist with the investigation.

Danny Trejo and Danny Glover are "Bad Asses"

Danny Trejo and Danny Glover are “Bad Asses”

The sequel picks up where the first movie left off where Frank opens a community center where he coaches young boxers in East Los Angeles. His prize boxer gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and ends up dead. Frank and Bernie are dead set on settling the score, finding themselves ensnared in one life threatening predicament after another trying to take down a drug lord portrayed by Andrew Divoff.

The film is also supported by Jacqueline Obradors, Charlie Carver, and Jonathan Lipnicki. The film helmed by Craig Moss is set for a DVD release in 2014.