This is the comparison we’ve all been waiting for, the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 game screenshots compared. TheVerge put together a rather comprehensive list of comparisons. The end result is pretty obvious: With next gen consoles we are definitely getting an improved visual and graphical experience compared to the previous generations consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3). There are games that are not as impressive on the new consoles as we may have hoped, but itall depends on whether the game was specifically designed for the next gen consoles or whether it remains cross compatible with the previous gen consoles.

Take Killzone: Shadowfall, it is simply fantastic. We’ve yet to see a game that has better looking graphics and environmentally pleasing eye-candy. Some of the early impressions are that Call of Duty: Ghosts and Madden 25 looks pretty bland on the next gen consoles, where the above mentioned Killzone, NBA 2k 14 and Forza 5 truly lets the Xbox One and PS4 shine and deliver on what it is capable of.

It would be unfair to judge the latest consoles on a few games alone. We are in the situation where the console hardware and performance capabilities are there and like a beast needing a open landscape to run and go wild, these consoles need the latest and greatest games that can take advantage of their graphical performance capabilities. Not limited to a game that does not take advantage of what it has to offer.

Here’s the video:



xbox-one-vs-ps4-4 xbox-one-vs-ps4-3 Next-Gen-Consoles-Compare-2 xbox-one-vs-ps4-2 Next-Gen-Consoles-Compared-

For more images head over to Verge. From the images above it is clear that for some games there is a definite improvement from the previous consoles to the new ones, but as for the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 comparison… it’s pretty close.

What do you think? Does the one next gen console outperform the other?