There is another epic showdown on the way between the Governor and Rick’s gang with a high death rate expected.  The one-eyed villain will attack the prison in the episode titled “Too Far Gone.” Will this end the conflict and who will survive the onslaught? Has Megan discovered something in the dirt that will intrigue us?


Rick Vs.The Governor

The Governor will be storming in guns blazing as he drags along his “army” and a tank, purposefully aimed to take down the prison walls. This forces Rick to prepare for the battle with all hands on deck, guns loaded and able bodies ready to stand their ground.

 Here’s what AMC had to say of next Sunday’s midseason 4 finale:

“Episode 4.08 – “Too Far Gone” – After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.”

“Too Far Gone” will be aired on December 1. The zombie show will continue in February 2014.

Check out the additional sneak peak

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