The festive season is upon us, and although all our cash went towards the new PS4, and the new iPhone 5S there are still plenty of great gifts your friends and family can give you. It will be the perfect Xmas gift, and the perfect addition to your man cave. Let your friends and family know that these are the things you want, it sure beats getting shower gel and a pair of socks.

We’ve divided our collection of must-have man cave accessories into easy to follow categories below, here’s our ultimate Geek Xmas Wishlist:


1. Iron Throne

think-geek-buy-nowOne chair to rule them all. Why not get a life-size replica of the Iron Throne. HBO is selling replicas of the Iron Throne, so you can be the unjust ruler of your dungeons and dragons Wednesday night get-together. The epic iron monstrosity comes at a hefty price, expect to cough up $30,000, with a shipping surcharge of $1,800. Alternatively you can settle for the 1/6 scale replica below:


2. Star Wars Wampa Rug

think-geek-buy-nowHere at ThinkGeek we pride ourselves on offering nifty products covering all aspects of the Empire Strikes Back story… since it is the 30th anniversary and all. Last year we launched the coveted Tauntaun sleeping bag, allowing children of all ages to nestle safe in the guts of a tauntaun. Unfortunately you only get the Wampa rug. Slave Leia is NOT included and we double-dare you to make any comments about how she isn’t featured until the next movie.


Collectible Figurines:

No man cave is complete without the replicas of our  heroic super heroes. We featured a few of our favourites below, but boy was it difficult to choose. Be sure to check out the rest of our awesome must-have collection here.

1. Diablo

This is number one on our list this year. Diablo stands more than 20 inches tall from base to pointy back pieces, a grotesquely wonderful rendition of all the evil in the game world embodied in a single being. We absolutely love this feminine version of Diablo. Don’t let that misguide you on the danger though, every part of ‘her’ can rip you to pieces in seconds, and if you play Diablo 3 they probably already have. More detail and prices here.


2. Gandalf the Gray

think-geek-buy-nowAh, Gandalf the Grey, timeless archetype of stoic wisdom, unbridled compassion, and overwhelming power. This magnificently-sculpted and hand-painted piece can grace your home or office to remind you of his characteristics worthy of emulation or Tolkien’s vast creativity and wisdom, also, obviously, characteristics worthy of emulation. More Detail here.


3. Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag are these fantastic Assassins Creed figurines by McFarlane toys. The detail that went into making these toys are really impressive. Our geek-must-have alerts are going off and we simply must have them all!

With three generations of Kenways — Edward, Hatham and Connor — already on store shelves, McFarlane Toys is gearing up to release a second wave of Assassin’s Creed figures on the market, covering the tail end and downloadable content of Assassin’s Creed III and a trio ofAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag characters not in any way related to the Kenway family. More details here.


4. Life size Gollum Statue by WETA

If your getting a statue then why not do it properly. Get it from the makers themselves. You can now own your very own Life size Gollum statue. WETA Workshop is selling this amazingly detailed statue of Gollum…or is it Smeagol for only $3000! This would make the perfect addition to our man cave… we may need to move some things around to make room for Smeagol. More Detail and images here.



Computer Accessories

1. USB Skull


The top has been hacked open and the brains scooped out, but at the jawline are 4 USB 2.0 ports just waiting to be connected to your keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, or USB powered corpse-reanimation device. In the hollow of the brainpan, keep your keys, paper clips, or rusty scalpels. More detail and images here.


2. Critical hit LED D20 Die

20-sided die for D&D and other RPGs, Flashes red when you roll a critical hit – 20! Fun for GMs & players [ThinkGeek]




What is a man cave without a few posters on the wall that declares your allegiance?

First choice goes to this awesome series of portraits from Artgerm (Stanley Lau). What you get is your favourite female Justice League Superheroes posijng for the “Justice Magazine cover”.  These portraits are stunning and leaves us begging for more. You can check-out Artgerm’s other work on his Deviantart page, or view more images here and here:



Fancy yourself a Trekkie? Then these vintage Star Trek posters are an absolute must (view the entire collection here):


If Movie posters are your thing, then browse through this amazing collection of 19 must have posters:




1. Green Lantern Power Ring


In Brightest day… Reinforce the power of your will with this stainless steel ring of Power.



2. Hobbit Letter Openers


Sting strikes fear into the hearts of many an orc. What was just a simple side blade to an elf is a perfect sword for a Hobbit, and Sting served Bilbo Baggins well on his many adventures. A constant character is the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, Sting was passed from Bilbo to Frodo and later to Sam, and used to fight off everything from goblins and orcs to cranky old Gollum. It will surely glow blue in the presence of evil bills. (Our Legal Department requires us to tell you that the last sentence is not true.) More detail and images here.




Roll in style with these must have garments that pays tribute to your favourite movie or TV show.

First up is the classic Walking Dead Survivor Robe. After a long day of zombie killing you are typically just covered in dirt, blood, and other assorted zombie guts. You spend all your time being worried about not getting bitten or scratched, it is hard to remember to keep your hair and fingernails clean. Good for camouflage. Bad for personal hygiene. When you do find time to take one of those rare, hot showers, remember to climb into this plush Walking Dead Survivor Robe after (more images and detail here).





If finances allows it, then have a look at popular mechanics top Gadgets for 2013. These products are worth drooling over. Our pick is Google Glass, alternatively browse through the rest of our gadgets, you’re sure to find something you like!