The figures are in, and after suspecting that this years League of Legends World Championships would be the biggest eSports event ever, has now been confirmed. The post was made on the official League of Legends website, claiming that a massive 32 million tuned in to view the finals. That’s right, 32 million viewers!

Last year showed a then unprecedented 1.2 million concurrent on-line viewers, compared to this years 8 million concurrent on-line viewers. We knew League of Legends is big…but this surprised everybody! Kotaku mentions this years Oscars that had 41 million viewers. That puts it into perspective right? No matter how you stack the viewers, League of Legends‘ Season 3 World Championships are the most-viewed event in esport history. Until Season 4 rolls around, at least.

Number will always be disputed, and there’s a lot of questions coming from the DOTA camp (Valve’s “League of Legends”) stating that a 8 times more user increase is a little bit far-fetched. But, in our opinion this game is massive in Asia, and we all know how many people live over there.

If you missed out on all the action, check-out our League of Legends archives to get up to speed. SK Telekom T1 came out on top beating Royal  Club 3-0.



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