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If there was ever a collectible item that we want to add to our man cave, that we desired so badly that we would chop off an arm and sell it to get this item, then it is this sideshow created Diablo3 Prime Evil statue. I mean… Look at it. Take some time and go through the images below and just take it in. The detail, the size, the pure evil accuracy, and the light switch that means “get the F&*k out of the way ’cause Diablo is gonna get medieval on your ass!

Diablo stands more than 20 inches tall from base to pointy back pieces, a grotesquely wonderful rendition of all the evil in the game world embodied in a single being. We absolutely love this feminine version of Diablo. Don’t let that misguide you on the danger though, every part of ‘her’ can rip you to pieces in seconds, and if you play Diablo 3 they probably already have.

Diablo can be ordered from Sideshow collectibles for a massive $349.99.

In a brilliant collaboration between the award-winning Sideshow Design and Development and Blizzard Cinematics teams, led by Sideshow Collectibles Creative Director Tom Gilliland and Blizzard Cinematics Creative Director Nick Carpenter, the Prime Evil’s chosen form comes to life, crafted in high quality polystone. The Diablo statue measures over 20 inches tall, hand painted and finished with painstaking attention to detail. Possess it now, before it possesses you

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