The New PlayStation 4 'Blue Light of Death' Error

The New PlayStation 4 ‘Blue Light of Death’ Error

No device is error free on launch day. This has been the case over and over again. Remember the the iPhone 4 Grip of Death error where it loses all signal? This seems to be the case with Sony’s latest PlayStation 4. Not only have some users found that the device has a small but noticeable “wobble” when pressing on the one end, but more concerning is the latest string of errors regarding a blue light of death.

Users have reported on twitter and various other social media sources that the PS4 wont connect or turn on, and all they are left with is the blue line that keeps shining. What is supposed to happen is the console should send a signal to the TV it is hooked up to. Those who have the “blue light/pulse of death” are instead finding that their PS4 pulses blue, never goes to white and never sends a signal to their TV.

There has been no clear fix, as multiple methods have resolved certain users’ issue, while others still wait for one. These vary from changing the HDMI cable, to this lengthy supposed resolution that was posted on the PS4 forums.

The consoles amazing rating on Amazon has been dragged down by the amount of users that are experiencing the now infamous “Blue Line of Death” error. There is no clear fix as yet.

The PS4 Wobble issue with fix

The PS4 Wobble issue with fix

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