Robots are just as popular if not more as the actors who star next to them (if there are any). They have formed an integral part of the Sci-Fi genre, they are the definition of what Science Fiction means. Their ability to display emotion, perform superhuman tasks, connect with and relate to is what makes us love them. Add to this their desire to be human, to learn form us and to blend in with humanity and you get some truly memorable robots. This is our 10 most popular movie robots. From an automated robot to a droid, these are the robots that have captivated us most, making them the most loved, most memorable, and most popular robots:


1. Wall-E – Wall-E


One of the most loved robots ever to grace the big screen. Wall-E cleans up our mess, alone. Wall-E’s greatest strength is his courage. He becomes the unforgettable hero that brings humans back to Earth after decades of abandonment in space. His efforts were all the more heroic for their honest nature.


2. T-1000 – Terminator


Re-programmed from his original intentions to kill John Connor, it is Connor himself who sends the T-101 back in time to protect himself from an even more deadly time traveller, the T-1000. The programming of the T-1000 to protect John Connor can easily be overlooked to leave only a robot that has the utmost devotion and will to do anything for the person he needs to protect. It is also his ability to learn and adapt that makes the Terminator one of our all time favourite robots. But, his ability to kick-ass, destroy and wreak chaos is what makes him cool.


3. Sonny – I, Robot


The world in which Sonny exists is a much more threatening one than most of the stories mentioned here. Sonny’s use and understanding of emotion is what puts him on this list. In his relationship with Del Spooner (Will Smith) fully supports the 3 robotic laws the interaction is priceless as Sonny is shown to be a caring robot, destined to greatness.


4. Optimus Prime – Transformers

optimus prime

Bumblebee may be the friendliest Autobot, but Optimus Prime is THE Autobot. Optimus has a legacy unparralelled compared to other Autobots, he can kick some serious ass, and he is the leader. Between television, movies and the toy line, Optimus has been everywhere. He is the face of the Transformers franchise and has been voiced by icons like Peter Cullen. Better yet is his propensity for memorable and inspiring quotes. Coupled with a perfect voice, his one-liners have carried his legacy across Transformers lore just as much as his battle-tested fighting skills.


5. Johnny 5 – Short Circuit


Johnny 5 is a personal favourite of ours. When a lightning storm throws Number 5′s circuits into a frenzy and he loses his way from the military’s supervision, the movie unfolds as a curious comedy about a one-of-a-kind robot. The coolest feature of Johnny 5 is his reading ability, finishing a book in seconds! I don’t think I’ve ever felt such emotion when a robot gets injured or tortured as with Johnny 5.


6. Fembots – Austin Powers


If we can stay on their good side, the FemBots may just be the best robots on this list. They sure seem like fun and can add a little spice to the bedroom scene as long as you stay out of the line of fire. They are the “ultimate weapon to defeat Austin Powers” and are girls of the right caliber (as Dr. Evil puts it). They combine unrivalled sexiness with deadly cannons (yeah).


7. David – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

David A.I.

Another emotional robot movie, this time by Steven Speilberg. A.I is the Pinocchio-style tale of an artificial boy that wants to be human. David is an attempted replacement for the Swintons’ comatose son and is initially disliked by the mother. Once he becomes a staple in the family, the once-comatose Martin returns home and begins a rigorous bullying of David. This sets off an adventure that will turn an innocent robotic boy into a mysterious stranger in the underworld of future America.


8. Data – Star Trek

Data-star trek

Much like  Pinocchio, Data just wants to be like everybody else, Human. Yet his ridiculously unlimited memory bank  and stiff persona might make him an outsider even as a human. His compassion and ability willingness to learn, linked with his immense knowledge and skill added a great level of “human” drama to the Star Trek franchise.



9. C-3PO and R2-D2


Undoubtedly the most famous droids in the universe. They have one of cinema’s most legendary friendships. R2-D2′s uncanny ability to get his friends out of even the hairiest of situations puts him right near the top of the Most Talented Movie Robot list. If there is a gadget, you can bet R2-D2 has it in that mechanical frame. He can even fly if the situation calls for it.


10. Robocop – Robocop

Robocop (1987)

He may only be half-robot, but few officers of the law has earned Robocop’s level of respect. Similar to Judge Dredd, except for the fact that Judge Dredd is completely human, Robocop is a robot that struggles with being half human, not the other way around. We get to see how he struggles with his programming and his human side, having to make some tough decisions.


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