Eminem promoted the release of his new album, “MMLP2” on “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday, November 2. Unfortunately he didn’t join the crazy crew to head up the shenanigans for the evening, he made an appearance as a musical guest, joined by Rick Rubin who played DJ for Shady’s on stage appearance. Rubin is also credited as the executive producer for Eminem’s new LP. The Detroit rapper performed the very popular track “Berzerk” and he also performed “Survival” which was originally released as part of the soundtrack to the video game “Call of Duty: Ghosts”.

Say what?

Say what?

The folks over at tmz.com are not totally convinced that Eminem lip-synced his performance saying:

“Barring some crazy rift in the space-time continuum, Eminem unquestionably lip-synced his performance on “SNL” this weekend … at least judging by Saturday night’s broadcast.”

“Granted, we can’t say for SURE he was lip-syncing … we’re just making an educated guess … so we gotta ask”

Check out the video and judge for yourself. Do you think Eminem pulled a fast one on us?

Eminem – Berzerk (Live on SNL)