Twitter is proving to be more and more competitive in the social network arena as an investor frenzy quickly sent shares surging after the public share offering. Additional options and functionality allowing the creation and distribution of more content on Twitter has paid off, attracting more users to make use of the popular social network’s services. More users attract more partners, investors and advertisers…I think you get the gist. Twitter is a hot commodity with the demand for stock exceeded the supply.


Some quick stats in the first exchanges on Thursday:

Twitter vaulted 80.7 per cent to $US47, a day after the initial public offering (IPO) at $US26 per share. It continued to be as high as $US50.09, closing at $US44.90. In short, this is a rise of nearly 73%.

What does all this mean for the general user?

Twitter will be expanding its infrastructure and work on products that will help to attract more users and advertisers. Good news indeed.

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