I can’t imagine anyone having enough time on their hands to pull this off, then again, if it’s a neutral branch of the mighty Google putting together a tribute to Star Wars using nothing but white Lego and light….the money making internet mega giant can make anything happen I’m sure. How about a DeLorean that can actually travel through time, come on Google Zurich! I am sure many of you are curios (geeks, we will not mention any names) to know how the effect works. If you have more than a couple of hours to kill, feel free to check out Drzach and Suchy’s design firm to get idea of how they achieved the sorcery.




Darth Vader

Some info:

…the images are considered in a pixel-by-pixel manner, and for each pixel of the an appropriate building block is placed at the corresponding place in the panel… The main observation underlying the concept of SCP is that the shadow cast by a physical object depends on the shape of the object and the direction of the illumination. This enables the control of the shadow by appropriate design of an object for specific lighting conditions.

In short, as you angle the light, it creates a different visual effect that took 10 hours to complete and consists of over 16’000 LEGO bricks!

Check out the clip