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One week before the movie “Thor: The Dark World” is released in theatres (8 November), Gameloft launched their Smartphone game with the same title. It does look pretty cool and is just what we need while we wait for November 8th.

The game shares characters and story-lines with the movie. You’ll lead the Asgardian forces as Thor on a mission to destroy the 9 worlds.

From the game’s App Store description:

“Become Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, in this official action-adventure game!


Malekith, the lord of the Dark Elves and ancient enemy of Asgard, leads an invasion to destroy the Nine Worlds! Thor must race to stop the Dark Elves from plunging the universe into darkness! Join forces with Asgard’s greatest warriors and embark on an epic quest to stop Malekith’s dark ambitions and restore order to the Nine Worlds.”

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Here’s the ‘Dark World’ gameplay trailer:

The game features 90 fast-paced missions. And along the way you’ll have to encounter and defeat Marauders, Dark Elves, Rock Giants, Jotuns, and other enemies. The graphics and audio are both amazing. And the gameplay, which mostly follows the usual hack-and-slash control scheme, is great.

Download Thor: The Dark World here. And just in case you missed it, here’s the latest released clip from the movie.

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