Bruce Willis hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live” last weekend. The show feature lots of craziness and spoofs with Willis in the mix. Joseph Colton of “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” played harmonica during Willis’s monologue. Thompson and Kate McKinnon spoofed “Gravity” in the cold open. Thompson suggested doing “a series of small burps” like Charlie and Grandpa did in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to get home.

Bruce Willis showing off his moves in the hilarious sketch for "Boy Dance Party"

Bruce Willis showing off his moves in the hilarious sketch for “Boy Dance Party”

The “Die Hard” actor recreated “Armageddon” and led a group of roughnecks to take out an asteroid in outer space. Bobby Moynihan’s character was not concerned with the heroics to save earth; instead, he was more concerned with getting back to earth to see his cat.

Other movies also received the “Saturday Night Live” treatment. Willis’s alter ego John McClane is ready to take action as he imagines a terrorist take-down, instead the trained Navy SEAL’s job is to sit in a van.

Woman may have wondered at the odd occasion what their husbands get up to on football Sundays. Willis, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson and Beck Bennett acted out the sketch for “Boy Dance Party” which shows exactly what men get up to. Check out the video and see the hilarious dance moves performed by Willis and the guys. “In the older days, the ladies stayed at home and went to work. Now it’s time for the ladies to get out so the boys can stay home and twerk,” Moynihan sang.


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