Company of Heroes  2 (CoH2) launched a few months ago and we’ve been playing non-stop. We called CoH2 our most anticipated real-time-strategy-game of the year. The game has also received some of the highest ratings for a strategy game ever. This is one of the most realistic strategy games we’ve played. The detail given to every unit, the offensive and defensive manoeuvres and the counter-attacking strategies are extremely realistic. You need to think and act like a true Word War 2 commander when sending your troops to attack, or to defend.

Chances are if you are reading this that you’ve tried multiplayer against online opponents and got your ass kicked. Yup, we’ve been there. That’s why we’ve put together this basic first of a series tutorial in order to help you get that first victory in multiplayer mode. We’ve outlined the most important factors you should consider once the game kicks off.

Like its predecessor, CoH 2 takes place during World War II. The new campaign starts in 1941 and focuses on the Eastern Front, with a story told through the eyes of a war correspondent. The Russian army is playable, and players will have to contend with a new environmental hazards due to the frozen environments. In addition to the Campaign Mode, Company of Heroes 2 includes a robust multiplayer component. Players square off in a Real Time Strategy struggle for resources across a variety of battlefields. Players must balance Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel while controlling a myriad of units, managing production, and ultimately seizing Control Points from the grasp of the enemy.


1. Be Aggressive

The player who is able to dictate the course of the battle and hold more of the map will be victorious. This means forcing your opponent to fight on his side of the map and attack units of yours that are garrisoned in important buildings. As a new player, it’s far easier to defend a position than to attack one, and the more aggressive you are at the beginning of a match, the more defending you’ll be doing. Camping in your base building a host of defences will not win you games.Once the game start move your units forward and be aggressive. 


2. Points Points Points!

coh2 control points

Three key resources exist in Company of Heroes 2. They are the lifeblood of the game.

  • Manpower: Manpower effects the ability to generate infantry units.
  • Munitions: Munitions effects available special abilities for units.
  • Fuel: Fuel effects the ability to spawn vehicles.

In CoH2 you need to capture control points in order to get the above resources. Control points are located in various points on the map, some of them close to your base, others further. Not capturing Control Points  means no resources. No Resources means no units. No units means game over. The player that holds the most points will win the battle. Your first goal is to capture, and hold as many points as possible. At least try and hold 50% of the points, which keeps you on even footing with your opponent. You will lose some control points during the game, but try to recapture them or capture some of your opponents control points. You will notice that to defend all your control points are impossible. This is why you need to select the key control points worth defending, or control points within close range of other points.


3. Know your enemy

If you want to advance in CoH2 then you need to know the enemies units, their strengths and their weaknesses. This knowledge can be the difference between losing 5 squads in one battle, or taking out a tank with one squad. Know when to run, and when to attack. Your AT-gun will not beat one squad of infantry, but can easily take out 3 tanks. Your machine gun squad will lose badly against a tank, but can take-out 6 squads of infantry.  We’ll go through more of each units strengths and weaknesses in the next guide.


4. Combined Arms

If you want to win, combined-arms will change the outcome of a battle!

If you want to win, combined-arms will change the outcome of a battle!

No one type of unit can win in Company of Heroes 2. You’ll need the combined efforts of infantry, engineers, light vehicles, armor, anti-tank, and artillery if you want to have a prayer of winning battles. Each unit covers the weakness of others. Anti-tank guns can take out a few tanks in a jiffy, armor is mobile, fast, and laughs in the face of MG fire, Mortars are superior in taking out infantry and buildings from a distance, but needs Machine gun support to protect them.  Keep units of different types in close proximity to cover for one another’s weaknesses. We will provide some detailed combinations that word beautifully in the next guide.


5. Commanders

Every players has the ability to choose from a range of commanders before starting each game. Commanders assist you in battle by giving you special abilities (such as special air raids, bombing drops, special tanks, etc.). If you choose your commander well, it could mean the difference between a win or a loss. Familiarize yourself with each commander, and use them well.


coh2_tactics_commanders 2


This concludes the basic guide for improving your multiplayer game in Company of Heroes 2. Stay tuned for more advanced tutorials.