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Lifehacker posted these 6 very useful tricks you can use to get even more out of YouTube. Ever wanted to have a video start at a specific time? What about downloading any YouTube video? Here’s how you can use YouTube like a Boss, 6 Awesome YouTube Tricks:

1. Download any YouTube video

There are those times when you simply have to download a YouTube video (that don’t involve copyright infringement). by simply adding ‘pwn‘ in front of the YouTube link. You will be given a list of options on which size and type you want to download. Example:





2. Set a video on Repeat

Want to keep playing the same song/video over and over again? Simply add ‘repeat‘ to the link and enjoy your favourite video over and over again. Example:





3. Bypass Regional Restrictions

youtube regional block

Don’t you just hate regional restrictions? We never really understood the reasoning behind it, but you can bypass this in a jiffy by changing the link as follows:





4. Start at a Specific Time

youtube jump time

If you want to jump to a specific time in a video, then simply pause the video where you want it to start, right click on the video and select ‘Copy Video URL at current time’. If this doesn’t work for you, then change the link as follows (where t is the number of seconds into the video):






5. Disable Related Videos

youtbe related disable

If you host your own videos then you will definitely appreciate this one. At the end of each video YouTube shows related videos which will almost certainly direct your visitors away from your site. If you want to keep them on your site and limit any kind of distraction, then disable the related videos by changing the embed code as follows:





6. Skip to the Best Parts

Just how much of your time on YouTube is wasted watching the boring parts of a video while waiting for the main event to begin? If you believe Wadsworth, the answer is about 30%. While it started as a joke, Google took it seriously enough to add the feature to YouTube itself. If you want to skip the unimportant intros, just add “&wadsworth=1” to the end of the URL. This will waste your time: