ABC Family has released a promo clip for its upcoming new series “Ravenswood”. The opening scene features Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb discovering a headstone with a picture of a guy who looks exactly like him. Startled by this shocking image, Caleb is reassured by the mortician not to worry about it. Soon he discovers along with four other teens that they are “living under a devastating curse.” The five people baring the uncanny resemblance were killed years ago and now the five youngsters need to solve the mystery before they end up “buried by their fate.”


"Ravenswood" poster

“Ravenswood” poster

“Pretty Little Liars” creator I. Marlene King is the creative mind behind this project. The events of the series takes place in the title town which is located not far from Rosewood. The town is said to be suffering under a deadly curse for generations. The show is supported by Nicole Anderson, Britne Oldford, Brett Dier and Merritt Patterson. “Ravenswood” will premiere October 22.