Liz Katz can be seen promoting Yandy’s costumes in one of her latest YouTube clips. She is playing her part as a Wookiee preparing for an evening out. Standing in full view of a bathroom mirror, the Wookiee is adding all the final touches which includes hair rollers, a straightener, eyebrow tweezing and hairspray to name a few things.

Wookiee parlor

Wookiee parlor

The impatient friend storms in to the bathroom after waiting for some time urging the Wookiee to finish up:

“Come on we are already late!”

The Wookie replies (translated for our convenience):


Liz Katz

Liz Katz

45 minutes later Liz Katz walks out the bathroom in a Wookiee dress up party costume. The impatient friend now very surprised, stared at her for a moment and says:

“Wow, you clean up nice!”

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