Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

As we get ready for the last episode of the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, we take a trip down memory lane as we recap some of the greatest moments in the 5 seasons. Breaking Bad is considered as “must watch” after its recent Emmy awards, as well as receiving some of the highest ratings for a show ever.

GeekShizzle’s Breaking Bad recap:

1. Get pumped with this awesome fan-made video from all episodes up to the second last episode:



2. Enjoy Screenjunkies giving Breaking Bad the Honest Trailer treatment, you do not want to miss this one:


3. Next, move on to a complete list of every death in Breaking Bad so far, thats a total of 260 deaths!


4. Have a look at the most shocking moments in the show to date


Next up, the season finale. We’ll be giving a recap of the last episode once it’s aired. There is so many ways this show can end. Personally we hope Jesse gets some payback.


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